sunset panama


3 comments on “THOUGHT FOR A RAINY DAY

  1. Robert Bharda says:

    What is chaos? 3, 2, 1 implies the 4 – the hidden door. The Chinese neither see counting nor time as cumulative, but as qualitative. They understand that counting backwards is just as important as seeing time flowing backwards. An illustrative parable only days old: Our next day door neighbor, Chuck, as sweet a Morman that ever grew up on a ranch in Montana, can and will fix anything/everything. Whether on a ranch or at sea, you learn self-sufficiency. The 6 mailboxes of our 1/2 street hood are mounted on a simple wood post and beam. The posts were always sturdy but the beam has been slowly sagging and melting ever since we moved here 27 years ago. Chuck decided on a sunny Sunday afternoon, he’d replace the beam, give each box its unique wood plank base to anchor them, and then remount them in numerical order (the order had always been slightly askew). Even though plain as it was, It looked beautiful. Next day, the postman, a Taiwanese immigrant, was shocked. He quickly ascertained who had reconstructed the mail stop, and informed Chuck that the numerical order of the boxes had to be returned to the original sequence. Both somewhat amused and bewildered, Chuck spoke with the main P.O. supervisor who agreed that the revision made ‘sense,’ but the postman remained vehement, and prevailed. The next day, Chuck returned the boxes to their original ‘chaos.’ Who was right/wrong? A good party ice breaker I think this…. They were both right of course and I suspect you know why.

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